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No. It was an extortion case.

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Q: Did Michael Jackson abuse Jordon chandler?
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Did Michael Jackson's mother abuse him?

no, but his father did

Did Michael Jackson's dad really abuse him?


Did Michael Jackson actually abuse animals?

No he didn't, he loved animals.

What type of cancer did Michael Jackson have?

He didn't have cancer, but had drug abuse.

Did Michael Jackson abuse a British boy?

no, he was cleared of all charges to both of the people that accused himof abuse.

Did Joe Jackson abuse Michael Jackson because he had a big nose?

Joe Jackson abused Michael Jackson only when him and his brothers didn't either do dance steps right or sing the correct notes.

What was Michael Jackson dignosis?

They are still trying to find out, but the doctors have predicted that it was most probably drug abuse.

Who is Thomas Sneddon from Michael Jackson's D.S?

Tom Sneddon is/was the district attorney of Santa Barbara, he investigated Michael when he was accused of child abuse in 1993 and 2005.

What is the bad things the media said about Michael Jackson?

child molestation,drug abuse, bleaching skin and plastic surgery...

Was Michael Jackson's grandpa abusive to mjs father?

Unknown? There appears to be little info regarding the nature of Michael Jackson's paternal grandfather. We all know the stories of Joe Jackson mistreating his children, especially Michael. Abuse is quite often passed on down through generations. "Monkey See - Monkey Do"

Does Michael Jackson kidnap children?

To the best of my knowledge, he was never even alleged to have kidnapped anyone. The allegations of child abuse (which were never proven in court) involved children whose parents had voluntarily allowed them to associate with Jackson.

Did joe Jackson sexually abuse his children?

Not that I know of anyway. I know Joe was very abusive when the kids didn't get moves right. Anyone who hates Michael Jackson, stop the hate, he had a horrible childhood, why would you wanna ask this horrible question anyway!? Let Michael Joseph Jackson Rest in Peace