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Q: Did Michael Buble go on Canadian Idol?
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When did Michael Buble go on the X factor?

He was on the X Factor on the 2009 final.

What is a good song for Veterans Day?

I want to go home - Michael Buble

Looking for a song a guys sings it and its a slow song the lyrics are want to go home?

Could be Michael Buble - Home

Where can one purchase Michael Buble concert tickets?

One can watch Michael Buble live by going to the 'Ticket Master' and booking tickets to one his shows. One can also use the 'Tour' link on his official website to find details of his tour dates.

How much do Michael Buble tickets generally cost?

Tickets for Michael Buble's concert at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, Mexico range from MX $300.00 (plus fess of MX $72.00) to MX $1,550.00 (plus fees of MX $286.00) depending on seating. In USD this would be $24.00 (plus $5.81 in fees) to $125.17 (plus $23.10 in fees), again depending on seating.

Is Michael Buble cool?

In his early career Michael Buble was seen to be very uncool and his music was aimed at a woman of a certain age... But as his career has soared and he has changed his genre of songs to become very quickly a cool member of the music business. He has many fans of a variety of ages and is often played on radio stations worldwide... Long may his success go on. Charlotte x i would say Michael Buble was very cool, and i would also say he is very handsome, and seems like a very nice guy. can't get much cooler than that.

Did trey songz go on American Idol?

No Akon did not go on American Idol. But my question is why can't Eben Frankewitz go back on American Idol next year?

Where can you download villain by Hedley?

you can download evrey sigle one of hes song (even the ones he sugn on Canadian idol) if u download Fratwire go to and dowload it

Who is the most talented Canadian singer?

As far as sales go, Jacob Hoggard is the most successful Canadian idol. Across four albums, he has sold a total of 540 thousand albums. He placed third in the second season.

How can a ten year old girl famous for singing?

go on American idol go on American idol

Where do you need to go to try to get famous?

a good voice, a good education a degree if you're a grown up, a contract saying, and songs that you need to make. You tube is always good! if you keep putting videos on, eventually someone should knowtice you! i mean look at jusin bieber!!! Canadian Idol, or American Idol is a very quick way to become famous! If you are too young for Canadian of American idol, you could always go on the next star! you would be surprised how many people watch that show, and if you do well on it, you could get your own single and music video!!! I hope this helped!! :)

Which way do you turn the idol screw on a fourwheeler to go down?

You turn the screw in to idol down