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No! Angela Duscio did.

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Q: Did Mattel write the fright song?
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When was Stage Fright - Chic song - created?

Stage Fright - Chic song - was created in 1981.

Who sang the song Stage Fright?

The song Stage Fright was recorded by "The Band" with Rick Danko on lead vocals, this song is from their third studio album titled "Stage Fright". The song was released in August 1970, written by Robbie Robertson.

Who sang fright song?


Who wrote the fright song?

Angela Duscio

Can you write a sentence using the word fright?

"You gave me a fright," said Elena, eyes wide.

Write own clue for the word fright?


Who sang the Monster High fright song?

katy perry

What is the song during the open credits of fright night 2011?

You are probably thinking of Bad Bad Love by Alexander. It is the song that plays when the the Fright Night title comes up and we see the suburb that Charley lives in.

Can anyone teach me the Monster High fright song dance?

go to a website and find out!

Where can you find a karaoke version of the Monster High Fright song?

you can find it right on youtube

Did Aqua the band that performed the song Barbie Girl get sued by Mattel?

yes they did mattel is a bery popular co. and was alloud by the gov. to sue any co.they chose the band that sung the barbie song and ended up sued that's all 42day an other questions

Who sang the song in fright night for the club scene?

Deborah Holland - Come To Me