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Yes, secretly they did.

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Q: Did Marlo Thomas date Ted Bessel?
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Did Marlo Thomas star in a classic ABC sitcom Soul Girl?

In 1997, Marlo Thomas starred in this short-lived ABC sitcom "Soul Girl" about Ann Marie, a former New York actress becomes a widowed episcopal gospel singer. Ted Bessel co-stars in this sitcom.

Did ted bessell ever date marlo thomas?

No. He played her boyfriend Donald Hollinger on the TV series "That Girl" (1966-1971).

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Guboo Ted Thomas was born on 1909-01-29.

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Ted Thomas has written: 'The World's best soccer book ever'

What is the opening sequence for ABC's That Girl of Sports?

The opening credits for "ABC's That Girl of Sports" (1966) had the show's theme song composed by Charles Fox playing over a montage of clips from "That Girl" (1966) starring Marlo Thomas and Ted Bessell. A voiceover is heard saying "Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of a girl: the thrill of Marlo, and the agony of her feet, the human drama of acting, this is ABC's That Girl of Sports".

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