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Yes. Mariah broke up with Eminem and wrote a song called "Obsessed" based on Eminem. Eminem dissed her back on the song "The Warning".

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2011-09-02 07:14:56
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Q: Did Mariah carey and eminem ever go out?
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Did Mariah Carey go out with eminem?

Yes she did.

Does future go with Mariah Carey?

No, Mariah Carey is happily married

What happened between Eminem and Mariah Carey?

Eminem said that Mariah Carey and him dated, and she said that he didn't, which is bs. If it wasn't true, why did he say that? He has a lot of women chasing him, so why would he "claim" that he saw her when it wasn't true? And, Mariah Carey made a song called Obsessed, which was clearly about Eminem ( watch the music video ). Then Eminem made a rap called the warning saying that if Mariah opened her lying mouth again, he'd release all the pics, videos, and voicemails of her and him together. And she hasn't opened her mouth since. Oh, and not to mention she lied and said Obsessed wasn't about Eminem. Come on Mariah, we're not that stupid. And before all these sissy Mariah Carey lovers and Eminem haters start saying this is BS, go watch the obsessed video and watch it, watch the warning, then type in Mariahs response to the warning. And you won't find one. EMINEM RULEZ! P.S, Eminem's RECOVERY is the best album ever, and Mariahs last hit was Obsessed. So, beat that, Carey!

Is Shane Carey relative with Mariah Carey?

they did go out but mariah said they never did

What collage did Mariah Carey go to?

Mariah Carey did not attend college. She did go to beauty school but dropped out soon after.

How long did Eminem go out with mariah Carey?

Eminem was kidding, he only said that for fun and comedy. He says and does things like that to all the over-famed celebrities. - But I think it was 6 months.

What nicknames does Mariah Carey go by?

Mariah Carey goes by Songbird, MC, Mirage, Mimi, and The Voice.

Did Michael Jackson go out with Mariah Carey?

No, Michael and Mariah never went out.

Where does Mariah Carey go to school?

She doesnt go to school

Can you go to Mariah Carey's house?

Yes, but you can't get in

Did Mariah Carey and trey songz go out?


What school did Mariah Carey go to?

Harborfields High School

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