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Q: Did Magda gets a job at Gidden's pharmacy delivering prescriptions in the parrot in the oven?
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What is the difference between a parrot and a parrot fish?

well a parrot ith a bird and a parrot fithh ith a fithh.

Is Amazon parrot a parrot?

Yes, Amazon parrot is the common name for a parrot of the genus Amazona.

Is it a cave parrot or a cove parrot?

It's a cave parrot

What is the opposite gender of parrot called?


Why is the Kakapo so special?

The Kakapo is the world's:only nocturnal parrot,only flightless parrot,heaviest parrot,rarest parrot.

What is the motto of Parrot Foundation?

Parrot Foundation's motto is 'Parrot speaks your language'.

What is the Opposite gender of parrot?


What type of parrot does Adam Lambert have?

Parrot? As in a bird? Adam Lambert doesn't have a parrot.

What is the food of parrot?

parrot eats fruit

Is a parrot a rodent?

No a parrot is a species of bird.

What has more mass a parrot or hamster?

A parrot.

What is the Romanian word for parrot?

parrot = papagal