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No. In the books, Lavender's fate was left unknown but as she was not attacked by Fenrir when he was in werewolf form she would not have become a werewolf. In the movies, Lavender died.

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Q: Did Lavender Brown become a werewolf?
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Who kills lavender brown?

Lavender Brown was seen with a bitten,ripped neck caused by Ferir Greyback or some other werewolf or werewolf-like creature that was stunned after Hermione say what he was doing to Lavender

What is Lavender Brown's address?

Lavender Brown is a fictional character, she does not have a real address.

Who did Fenrir Greyback bite besides Remus Lupin?

Fenrir Greyback bit Bill Weasley and Lavender Brown as well as Remus Lupin. He was not however in werewolf form while biting Bill or Lavender, therefore they did not become werewolves.

Was Lavender Brown blonde in the books?

Lavender Brown's hair colour was not mentioned in the books.

Did Lavender Brown marry Dean Thomas?

Not known because she was bitten by a werewolf in the battle at Hogwarts, thus she either died from the wounds, turned into a werewolf or recovered from the wounds, but her fate after that is unknown. In the movie she appears to have died.

What happens to people who become a werewolf?

They become a werewolf.

Is the Lavender Brown Auditions Still on?

No. They already picked the Lavender Brown for the movie. Her name is Jessie Cave.

Does quil become a werewolf in ecplise?

Yes, quill does become a werewolf.

Can a girl become a werewolf?

Become a character in a werewolf novel or movie.

Do you have to be bitten or scratched by a werewolf to become a werewolf?


Can you be twelve to audition for the part of Lavender Brown?

No one can audition for the part of Lavender Brown because the film has already come out.

How old does lavender Brown have to be in Harry Potter 6?

I guess Lavender has to be 16.