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No Lady Gaga did not ever have a boy's private part, that was just a rumor based off of an unfortunate picture.

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Q: Did Lady Gaga have a boys private?
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Was ladygaga onece a boy?

yes lady gaga is a boy she has boys private

Did Lady Gaga make a music video for boys boys boys?

No lady gaga did not make a video for boys boys boys. You can trust me im Natalie her sister!!

How many boys fancy Lady Gaga?

I'm sure many boys in the world fancy Lady Gaga.

When was lady gaga's first song out?

Boys Boys Boys

What year was boys boys boys by lady gaga made?


What is boys boys boys by lady gaga mean?

that's she likes boys

Who sang boys boysboys?

lady gaga

Is Lady Gaga bisexuel and who does she like more guys or girls?

Yes, Lady Gaga is bisexual, therefore she likes both boys and girls.

What commercial is the song Boys Boys Boys by Lady Gaga in?

There is no commercial its on youtube.

Does Lady Gaga have a boys thing and a girls thing?

no, there is a reson why it is lady gaga...... her costumes are a little weird though

What does the song 'Boys Boys Boys' by Lady Gaga mean?

The song is about boys, as stated in the title.

Is there a video for Lady Gaga's boys boys boys?

yes there is a video just go to youtube