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Q: Did Keith Urban play the dad of Hannah in Hannah Montana?
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Does myley syrous play Hannah Montana?

Miley Cyrus does play Hannah Montana.

Does Einar Pederson play bass for Keith Urban?

Kelly Clarkson not Keith Urban

Who played Rico on Hannah Montana?

Moises Arias play's Rico on Hannah Montana.

Who did Selena play in Hannah Montana?

McKayla (Not sure about spelling) She was Hannah Montana's Hated rival/competion

Who play Hannah Montannah?

Miley Cyrus plays Hannah Montana

Who will play Hannah Montana in season 4?

Miley Cyrus will play Hannah in season 4

Does Hannah Montana play violin?

No, she doesn't

Who did Selena play on Hannah Montana?


Does Miley Cyrus still play Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana is finished now. For Miley's last season she did Hannah Montana Forever. Which is still showing on Disney Channel

Does Hannah Montana play an instrument?

yes Hannah plays the guitar when she practices

Who was the girl who was about to get the role of Hannah Montana but Miley Cyrus got it?

JoJo was the one who was supposed to play Hannah Montana, but she rejected it.

Did Jeremy Stumper play in Hannah Montana as Jake Ryan?

No, Cody Linely played Jake Ryan in Hannah Montana.