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no Kane did not the undertaker is taking some time off to get himself sorted after apparently breaking his nose

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Q: Did Kane really put his brother the undertaker in a vegitative state?
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Did Kane's and Undertaker's moms die in a fire when they were children?

Kane is Glen Jacobs and Undertaker is Mark Calarway. How can the father be the same? Their mom is the same but father is different. Glen and Mark aren't really related but the storyline is that Kane and Undertaker are. Also the storyline state's that Kane and Undertaker have the same mother, but not the same father. Kane's father is Paul Bearer (The man that carries the urn). That is why Bearer threatened Undertaker by exposing his secret if he wasn't his manager again. In fear Undertaker agreed, but in the first ever Hell in a Cell match Undertaker Vs HBK, Kane pulled the door off and attacked Undertaker giving HBK the win. They both have mentioned their dead mother who died in a fire apparently started by Undertaker, the brother were playing with matches but were punished when Undertaker's father found them. Undertaker was punished more than Kane because he was the oldest. His father explained what they were doing including that they were around flamable liquids. After punishing Undertaker he sent him on his way to do his chores. Undertaker looked back and saw Kane heading through a back door with some of the liquids in his hands, Undertaker dismissed the matter. He later came home to see the place a light in flames. He wanted to run in but the fire fighters stopped him. Undertaker believed that his mother, father and Kane were all dead, but Kane survived. Undertaker admitted a year later when he did a heel turn that he actually burned the funeral home and set it a light.

Was the undertaker killed?

Nobody killed Undertaker, he was (in storyline) put in a vegetative state by the later to be revealed Kane. As of right now, Undertaker & Kane are currently feuding for the World Championship while accompanied by Paul Bearer.

When is undertaker returning?

Undertaker is currently out due to injury in real life. On the Smackdown prior to Memorial Day, Undertaker had a match with Rey Mysterio where Mysterio broke Undertaker's nose and face bones in multiple places with a sloppy landing. Recently on his time off, he got married to fiance WWE Diva Michelle McCool. In storyline, WWE has speculated that someone has attacked the Undertaker and put him in a vegetative state making Kane, Undertaker's storylined brother, start looking for revenge stalking and attacking the likes of CM Punk & SES, Big Show, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio. Rumor has it that Undertaker will make some sort of surprise appearance at this summer's Summerslam in someway either during or after Mysterio's Heavyweight Championship match against the current World Champ Kane. But of course that has not been confirmed.

Did The Undertaker die?

The Undertaker Is Not Really DeadNo, The Undertaker is not dead: WWE creative said the Smackdown World title match at Fatal Four Way didn't have enough star power, so they created a storyline of The Undertaker being dead. Mark Calloway (aka "The Undertaker") is alive and well, and currently 45 years old. His wrestling persona however, in the current "plot," has been "found in a vegetative state," and can be considered brain dead. But again, the actor who plays him is fine, waiting for his persona to "rise from the dead."People should be reminded that WWE is "sport entertainment," and has ongoing plots and stories around the wrestling personae, which should not be confused with the personal lives of the people who play the roles.

Did the wrestler Kane really kill his wife?

No. The Undertaker actually killed both their mother and father. When they were kids Kane and their parents were praying in church when The Undertaker thought it would be funny to burn down the church. That is why when Kane un-masked his face looked horribly disfigured. REST IN PEACE

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Is the undertaker still out?

Yes the Undertaker is still out because a vegitative state means that he is in a coma(very close to death).

Who is behind undertaker vegitated state?

Kane his brother

Is the undertaker is alive or not?

Undertaker is live his nose and orbital bone is just broken and the whole vegitative state thing is just a storyline.He is to return sometime after summer.

Is tripleh going to wrestle again?

Yes, Triple H will return. some people think that he will be revealed as the master mind behind the NXT attacks some think that he was the one who put the Undertaker in his "vegitative state" no one knows when he will return, my guess is around about SummerSlam.

Is undertaker really in a coma like state?

No because he got married when he was supposed to be in a coma

Who do killed undertaker?

the undertaker is not dead he is in a vegitated state

Was the Undertaker found in a vegetative state?

No, The Undertaker was not found in a vegetative state. It is just a storyline to explain his absence from WWE.

What state does the undertaker lie in?


Is the undertaked dead Yes he is his brother Kane found him dead but the place he was and killed at is unknown?

No,The undertaker is not Dead They put the "vegetated state" As A story line so Undertaker can hold off Because he broke his Orbital bone and his nose With a concussion When he was facing rey mysterio.Recent Rumors say That undertaker Will rather return with The ministry of darkness Or as the badass. -shawn

When is undertaker coming back to smackdown in 2010?

The undertaker will probably come back when he recovers from his vegetative state

What rhymes with legislative?

native rhymes with legistlative --vegitative: "i can't wait for the legistlative because they got me in a vegetative...state" written by "bink the great"

Was the undertaker really found in a vegatative state?

the undertaker is in a vegatative state right now No he didnt get beat up. He just got married. I was checking out his Bio on google under personal life he just married Michelle Mccool on the 28th of June i believe. Everything happening now with Kane is a show.