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yes he went to a normal high school before being famous

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Q: Did Justin Bieber have a normal life before becoming famous?
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Was Justin Bieber rich or poor before becoming famous?


What did Justin bieber want before his career now?

Before becoming famous, justin wanted to become a professional hockey player.

What is the movie 'Never Say Never' starring Justin Bieber about?

Never Say Never is about Justin Bieber's life and becoming famous.

Is Justin Bieber smart and did he study music before he was famous?

yes Justin Bieber is smart but he did not study music before he was famous from oratile Pope

Did Cody Simpson become famous before Justin Bieber?

No. Cody Simpson might have had a Youtube account with him singing before Justin did but Justin Bieber became famous before Cody Simpson

Before Justin Bieber was famous was he?

Before he was famous he was just a normal kid.

Who is more famous Justin Bieber or Pele?

Justin Bieber is more famous

What movies was Justin bieber in before he was famous?

He was never in any movie before he was famous.

When Justin Bieber be famous?

Justin Bieber will never be famous...

Is Caitlin beadles famous before she went out with Justin bieber?

No she wasnt. Justin and Caitlin met when Justin moved to Atlanta, Georgia while in the process of becoming JUSTIN BIEBER haha but then they went out for a while and i that's why people call her "famous". that, and cause she had a horrible boating accident and almost lodt her life, BUT DIDNT haha:)

How can you be friends with Justin Bieber?

you cant . only if you are famous or were friends with him before he was famous

Who is more famous Han Solo or Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber