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Q: Did Julie Covington record a version of Amazing Grace?
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Did Patsy Cline record an acappella version of Amazing Grace?

Sadly, some people will blow amazing amounts of smoke about things they don't have the first functioning clue about. YES Patsy did a version of Amazing Grace in the studio and A cappella to boot.

Did KT Oslin ever record Amazing Grace?

K.T. has never recorded Amazing Grace, but did perform the song "I Saw The Light" during a pre-recorded segment for the 1989 CMA broadcast.

When did Rod Stewart have a hit with Amazing Grace?

Although Rod Stewart never had a hit with 'Amazing Grace', he did record it on his 1971 album 'Every Picture Tells A Story'.

When was Amazing Grace created?

Amazing Grace was created in 1772.

When was The Amazing Grace created?

The Amazing Grace was created on 2006-05-20.

When was Amazing Grace Church created?

Amazing Grace Church was created in 2001.

What is amazing grace in Swahili?

amazing grace in swahili. neema ya Mungu

Is there a hospital named amazing grace in lagos Nigeria?

is there a hospital called grace or amazing grace in lagos nigeria

What is type of personification in amazing grace?

In "Amazing Grace," the personification is of grace itself, which is described as "amazing" and as a force that saved the narrator. The personification of grace gives it human-like qualities, emphasizing its power and impact.

What is the saving grace theme song?

Amazing Grace

What are the ratings and certificates for Amazing Grace - 1974?

Amazing Grace - 1974 is rated/received certificates of: USA:G

Is the song 'Amazing Grace' Australian?

No. The man who wrote Amazing grace was english. His name was John Newton.