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No, he was the third doctor.

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Q: Did Jon Pertwee play a wizard?
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Who was the Third Doctor Who?

Jon Pertwee.

Who is Jon Pertwee related to?

Jon Pertwee is related to the actor Sean Pertwee who is his son.

What is the birth name of Jon Pertwee?

Jon Pertwee's birth name is John Devon Roland Pertwee.

Did Jon Pertwee play the role of Worzel Gummidge?

Yes. Worzel Gummidge was adapted for TV several times, but in the most popular version, he was played by Jon Pertwee.

How tall is Jon Pertwee?

Jon Pertwee is 6' 2 1/2".

What is Jon Pertwee's birthday?

Jon Pertwee was born on July 7, 1919.

When was Jon Pertwee born?

Jon Pertwee was born on July 7, 1919.

Is Jon pertwee dead?

Yes, Jon Pertwee died in 1996, aged 76, from a heart attack.

How old was Jon Pertwee at death?

Jon Pertwee died on May 20, 1996 at the age of 76.

What actors and actresses appeared in Jon Pertwee at Panopticon - 2003?

The cast of Jon Pertwee at Panopticon - 2003 includes: Nicholas Courtney as himself Katy Manning as herself Jon Pertwee as himself

When did Jon Pertwee play Doctor Who?

Jon Pertwee was 50 when he first took the role of the doctor. He filmed his first episode (The Spearhead from Space) in the second half of 1969 shortly after his 50th birthday (Which was in July 1969)

What was the date of Jon Pertwee birth?

Jon Pertwee was born July 07, 1919 in London, England, UK.