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John H. Davis explains that he's about to get Louis Rukeyser around for his money. John H. Davis is moving down the street from Wall Street Week.

"MotorWeek" is a new automotive TV show for public television which begins October 15th. John H. Davis hosts this popular half-hour program about automobiles telling his stories in the Roadtest segments.

But after the Roadtest segments, Pat Goss is one of John's master mechanic appearing on-air doing his garage segments.

After that, feature reporter Joyce Braga is doing her famous "What's New On Wheels" segments after the second Roadtest.

"MotorWeek" the new automotive magazine premieres October 15th on PBS.

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Q: Did John H Davis became the host of MotorWeek in 1981?
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What is the timeline for the longest running automotive series MotorWeek?

1981: MotorWeek premieres on PBS, the original lineup includes John Davis, Pat Goss, and Joyce Braga.

How did john h Davis launch motorweek in 1981?

John H. Davis launched MotorWeek in 1981 as the first weekly automotive television series. He wanted to create a show that provided consumers with trustworthy and objective evaluations of new cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as information on automotive trends and technology. Davis's passion for cars and dedication to journalism drove him to produce a program that would become a long-standing institution in the automotive industry.

What is the history for the longest-running automotive series MotorWeek?

Motorweek premieres on PBS in 1981 with veteran Wall Street Week executive producer John H. Davis as series host and auto expert. By its second broadcast season, Motorweekbecomes the most-watched primetime series on PBS.

Did MotorWeek debut on October 15, 1981?

Correct, MotorWeek premiered on PBS on October 15, 1981. The series premiere opens with host John H. Davis explaining the purpose of his show, which leads into our first MotorWeek road test. Following the road test segment, there was a segment called "Rebates!! Rebates!! Rebates!!". In the first "Goss' Garage" segment, Pat Goss talks about motor oil. Following this segment, Davis recalls the GM X-Car, and the Honda Civic/Accord, which leads into our next road test. At the end of the program, Joyce Braga reports on "What's New on Wheels".

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Dick Van Dyke: Hey, MotorWeek is on, put Austin City Limits back on, look at MotorWeek. Mary Tyler Moore: okay, we can watch both. Narrator: Miller Lite presents MotorWeek In Concert, and the audience cheers with the engines revving to the beat of the music. Brought to you by Miller Lite, if you combine great taste and less filling, you can combine anything, here comes John H. Davis playing guitar. Mary Tyler Moore: yes. Narrator:Great Taste, Less Filling, Can Your Beer Do This?