Did JBL kill John Cena

Updated: 8/30/2023
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  • No Because On Smackdown They Said That John Was Lucky To Be Alive
  • also last night on raw i saw John Cena yell at jbl

what do u mean wat happen wit cena

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Why would you think that?? No Cena is very much alive

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Q: Did JBL kill John Cena
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How did John Cena survive with jbl?

jbl didn't hit john cena it was just for show

What John Cena and Cryme Tyme did to JBL's limo was wright?

Yes I think what John Cena and Cryme tyme did to JBl's limo was Wright JBL JBL had it coming

Who Is Better John Cena Or JBL?

John Cena is so much better and cutter than dumb old JBL.

Did JBL beat John Cena at Royal Rumble 2009?

No he won't because JBL is really rubbish and John cena is definetly not and John cena won anyway!

Who won the match between John cena and jbl?

John cena

Who won the i quit match john cena vs jbl?

John Cena.

Who won in a first blood match john cena or jbl?

John Cena won the match

Who held the WWE title longer john cena or jbl?

JBL has held the title longer. He has held the WWE Title for 280 days. John Cena held the WWE title longer than JBL.

Are Jbl and John cena rivals?

In the ring yes, out of the ring no

Who did john cena beat to win his first championship?


What is john cena's accomplishment?

Capturing the WWE Championship from JBL @ Wrestlemania 21

Will john Cena beat Jbl at the rooyal rumbull?

yes he will because John Cena is way better also it will cool down J.B.l ego