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Q: Did Henry Blair have brothers
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Where did Henry Blair die?

Henry Blair died in 1860.

When was Henry Blair - inventor - born?

Henry Blair - inventor - was born in 1807.

When was Henry Blair born?

Henry Blair (inventor)(1807-1860), second African American inventor to receive a patent.

What is Blair's brothers names?


WHAT did 'Henry W Blair' invent?

Nothing. Henry William Blair was a lawyer, US Senator & later a US Congressman. Henry Blair, however, was an African-American inventor, who had the second patent ever issued in the USA. = =

What has the author Henry William Blair written?

Henry William Blair has written: 'Currency and finance' -- subject(s): Accessible book

How many siblings Henry Blair had?


Did Henry Ford have brothers?

Henry had 2 brothers.

Does tony Blair have any brothers or sisters?


Does Henry cejudo have brothers?

yes Henry cejudo has brothers

What is Henry Blair's date of death?

yah buddy

Who invented the cotton seed planter?

Henry Blair