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I think so coz it said on the radio that he was getting it

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Q: Did Harry Styles get a half sleeve?
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Is Harry Styles getting a half sleeve?


Is Harry Styles getting a half sleeve tattoo?

if he is it does not matter because its his life and he can do whateve he wants to do!

What is Harry styles half brother called?

he doesn't have a half brother

Who has a crush on Harry Styles?

Half the girls in the world

What size feet has harry styles got?

10 and a half

How many tattooes does Harry Styles have?

He has a star on his in bicep, under it says ''we wont stop till we surrender'', He has the letter A for his mom Anne, On his wrist, he has a tattoo that says ''I cant change'' and now he his getting a half sleeve arm tattoo from Ed Sherran. So Harry Styles has 3 soon to be 4.

Where on the back of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince game is the code?

The code is inside on the CD sleeve.

Is harry styles getting a sleeve tattoo?

harry doesn't need to get anymore tattoos he will start to lose fans. At least i won't be a big fan of him anymore. Please harry don't get anymore tattoos <3

How tall is Harry Styles?

Harry is 5ft 10 and his name is harry styles not harry style

What is the difference between full sleeve and half sleeve tattoos?

Tattoos can be applied to one's arm in full sleeve or half sleeve applications. The main difference between full sleeve tattoos and half sleeve tattoos is how much tattoo covers the arm.

What is Harry Styles official facebook?

Harry styles??...

What Harry Styles name?

Harry Edwards Styles