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He did. At the time of his death in 1979 he sold his last horse, named Dollar, to a private citizen for $15,000. Although Wayne would be the first to admit he really didn't like horses, he always rode nice ones. He needed a tall horse because he was 6'4", usually at least 16HH and most were chestnuts with tall stockings and wide blaze, and all were Quarter Horses.

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The horse he rode in his movies was Dollor not Dollar. He did not own the Cast horses he rode in movies. He did not sell Dollor the owner did. He was not a registered Quarter Horse! Furnishing reliable horses for actors. Fact check your info! 🐴
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The actor Glenn Ford did own horses. He owns several resources throughout his life. Some of the horses she owned in partnership with other people.

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Q: Did Glenn Ford own any horses?
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