Did Gerard And Bert make out?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Q: Did Gerard And Bert make out?
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Who is cooler Bert mccracken or Gerard way?

GERARD WAY IS GOD never forget it. bert > gerard. Bert's just better. NEVER FORGET IT :) Gerard > Life. Never forget it. :')

Have Gerard and mikey kissed?

as in being a big fan of my chemical romance, Gerard and mikey have not kissed as far as i know, but i know for a fact that Gerard and bert have and Frankie has kissed Gerard.

What ever happened to Bert mccrackn and Gerard way?

"reportedly".... Bert and Gerard stopped their friendship because of Gerards decision to stay sober, and Berts decision to parrtay. so in other words Dont Do Drugs Kids, unless you want to be awesome like Bert McCracken. (**Just kidding, seriously drugs are bad)

Did Gerard way and Bert mcCracken ever go out?

According to rumours, it was the fact that Gerard was sober. If you look at the information, that is incorrect. Bert and Gerard were friends after Gerard sobered up. So, no one really knows the actual reason, sorry. Bert says it is because 'Gerard changed.' Answer: Bert acually said once in a magazine interview that he thought Gerards head was getting to big and he just didn't want to be around people like that, and that was the last time he would ever talk about it. It had nothing to do with Gerard being sober. God! It's personal! Can people not see that! They are friends now, not as close, but still friends! I've asked Gee if he and Bert where still friends, and he said they where, not as close but still friends! _______________________________________________________________________ Lie!!!! lie!!!! Lie!!!! they are not freinds anymore the song pretty handsome akward of the used is a song for insult Gerard

How do you make a Bert and Ernie mii?

You have to come to my place to make a bert and ernie mii.

Is it true that the song Pretty Handsome Akward by The Used was an insult for Gerard Way?

From Wikipedia: "It was rumored that the track was written about My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, but Bert McCracken said that this is not true."

What is Gerard way's favorite make up?

Gerard way uses mac white horror movie make up

How much money does mcr make?

ask Gerard

Have Bert and Gerard Way been in a physical fight?

No, but they did make out alot. lol he said once in an interview "One time me and bert were making out for so long, it wasn't even funny...and then it was funny." But anyways,yeah, they really hate each other alot, but i don't think there was any physical fighting, because some one would have taken a picture of it, or witnesses would have come to a magazine. :)

Who much does Gerard butler make?

Gerard Butler probably makes a lot of money a day because he is an actor, and actor's and actress's make a lot of money, that's why there rich.

What character was used to make an atom bomb attack less dangerous?

limpy the lion

Will they make a love never dies with Emmy rossum and Gerard butler?