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yes she did

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Q: Did Eva cassidy write any songs?
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What happened to Eva Cassidy's children?

Eva Cassidy died at age 33 and was not romantically involved with anyone and did not have any children at the time of her passing.

Are there any song which can make us feel good?

over the rainbow - Eva cassidy

Does Cathy cassidy have any hobbies?

I am sure she does! She likes to write and draw!

Did Miley Cyrus write her songs?

She does but she doesn't. Some of her music helpers write songs for her. She didn't write any songs on The Time of our Lives CD.

Did one direction write any songs themselves?

they CO-write most of there songs with Savan

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How did Eva cassidy become famous?

Melanoma - Skin Cancer (Eva Marie Cassidy Died on November 2nd 1996 at her home in Bowie, Maryland aged only 33). During a promotional event for her album "Live at Blues Alley" in July 1996, Eva felt an ache and stiffness in her hips which she thought was attributed to her amount of time spent on a ladder painting murals. The pain became constant and a few weeks later she was diagnosed with melanoma. By the time she was diagnosed in September 1996 the cancer had already metastasized. Eva had opted for aggressive treatment, but her health deteriorated rapidly. Eva's doctors gave her three to five months to live. Three years earlier Eva had a malignant mole removed from her back. Eva Cassidy Born FEB 2,1963 Died at her family home on: NOV 2,1996 There is a very good book that was wrote about Eva Cassidy's life. It is called Eva Cassidy: Songbird: Her True Story It is a must read for any of her fans. Cassidy's body was cremated. Her ashes were scattered on the shores of St. Mary's River Watershed Park, a nature reserve near California, Maryland

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He never wrote any of his own-sung songs (the ones he sang so well).

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Yes, they wrote a lot of love songs

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