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Her name was "Ramona "Romeena" Ankrum. Played by Jackie Joseph

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Q: Did Ernest t bass have a girlfriend?
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What is Ernest T Bass's occupation?

Ernest T Bass is a/an troublemaker, hillbilly

How many episodes of the Andy Griffith show was Ernest T Bass in?

Ernest T. Bass appeared in four episodes 'Mountain Wedding' 4/29/63 Ernest T. Joins The Army 10/13/63 My Fair Ernest T. Bass 2/3/64 The Education Of Ernest T. Bass 10/12/64 Howard Morris who portrayed Ernest T. Bass showed up later in 'Andy And Helen Have Their Day' as George a T.V. repair man Ernest T. Bass appeared in five episodes. The fifth was 'Malcolm at the Crossroads' on Sep. 27, 1965.

How did ernest t bass get out of the jail?

I think he picked the lock

What was Ernest T Bass girlfriends name?


Who threw rocks on Andy Griffith?

Ernest T. Bass

Who played ernest T bass on Andy griffin show?

Howard Morris

What are the release dates for The Andy Griffith Show - 1960 My Fair Ernest T- Bass 4-17?

The Andy Griffith Show - 1960 My Fair Ernest T- Bass 4-17 was released on: USA: 3 February 1964

Did Phil Collins ever play Ernest T Bass on the Andy Griffith show?

Not unless Ernest T Bass was a 9 year boy or a few year older. Phil Collins was born in 1951. The Andy Griffith Show ran from 1960 to 1968.

Is Ken Curtis from Gunsmoke the same guy who played Ernest T Bass on the Andy Griffith show?

No. The actor who played Ernest T. Bass was named Howard Morris.

Did any directors of the Andy Griffith Show appear as a cast member?

Howard Morris, who played Ernest T. Bass, directed a few episodes of the show.

Does Ernest Maphula's girlfriend cheating on him?


When did Ernest T. Cragg die?

Ernest T. Cragg died on 2006-03-09.