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In my opinion I personally believe he did. All one has to do is look at the facts.

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Q: Did David Bain Kill his Family?
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When did David Bain's Family Die?

David Bain's family died on June 20, 1994. His family was found shot to death and he was convicted in their murders. His case was later retried and he was acquitted.

When did David McLaren Bain die?

David McLaren Bain died in 1915.

When was David Bain born?

David Bain was born on 1972-03-27.

What is David Bain's sexual orientation?

David Bain the New Zealander known for being tried twice for the 5 murders of his family, is married to a NZ woman called Liz Davies. He is unlikely to be gay.

When was David Bain - Australian footballer - born?

David Bain - Australian footballer - was born on 1966-05-02.

Is the Bain family line related to the Masons from the Mason Dixon Line?

There are many Bain families in the US. Unless some specific Bain ancestors are identified, along with where and when they lived, it would be impossible to answer this question.

Who is the most famous criminal in New zealand?

david bain is a well knowen criminal! he was put in jail for the murder of his family years late he went back to trial and was provved not guilty and cleared his name

What has the author David T Lewis written?

David T. Lewis has written: 'The published works of Read Bain, 1920-1962' -- subject(s): Bibliography

How do you spell bain as in bain of your life?


What is the birth name of Bonar Bain?

Bonar Bain's birth name is Bonar Stewart Bain.

What is the birth name of Conrad Bain?

Conrad Bain's birth name is Conrad Stafford Bain.

What is the birth name of Dan Bain?

Dan Bain's birth name is Donald Henderson Bain.