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he has 6 siblings...but none that I can find the name of

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Q: Did Billy J Kramer have a sister?
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Who was lead singer of The Dakotas?

Billy J Kramer

When was Billy J. Kramer born?

Billy J. Kramer was born on August 19, 1943.

What is Billy J. Kramer's birthday?

Billy J. Kramer was born on August 19, 1943.

How old is Billy J. Kramer?

UK singer Billy J. Kramer is 73 years old (born William Ashton, August 19, 1943).

Did Billy J Kramer ever get married?


What does the J stand for in Billy J Kramer?

Nothing in particular. His real name is William Ashton.

Which British Merseybeat singer was born William Howard Ashton in 1943?

Billy J Kramer

Who sang trains boats and plains?

Dionne Warwick-1966 Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas-1965

Did billy j kramer marry and to whom?


Was elkie brooks billy j Kramers sister?

No. Billy had 3 sisters, none of which were Elkie Brooks :)

Did John Lennon sing backup vocals on a Billy J Kramer song?

Billy J. Kramer was usually doubletracked; the technique allows a singer to effectively sing along with themselves. Producer George Martin used doubletracking on Kramer's voice to cover what he heard as weaknesses in it.John Lennon's gifts to Kramer's career were the middle initial "J" (his original name was Billy Ashton), and first crack at his newly-written "Do You Want To Know A Secret?" as a single. (The Beatles recorded the song on their first album, with novice singer George Harrison on lead vocals, but did not issue a single of it.)Lennon gave Kramer a demo recorded hastily in a bathroom, flushing the toilet at the end of the song to prove where he was; Kramer regretted years later not keeping the demo.

When was Paul J. Kramer born?

Paul J. Kramer was born in 1904.