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Axel Blaze (Gouenji Shuuya in the original) parts from the Raimon team for about half of the second season/game, to later return. He doesn't get "replaced", but while he is away, another forward joins the team, Shawn Frost (Fubuki Shirou).

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Q: Did Axel Blaze get replaced in Inazuma Eleven?
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Who is the fire striker on inazuma eleven?

Axel Blaze

How old is Axel Blaze in Inazuma eleven?


Who does the voice of Axel Blaze from Inazuma Eleven in the English dub?

Did you mean Axel Blaze from the anime series "Inazuma Eleven"who is voiced by Maxime Donnay . If not - then we need more information such as the name of the series .

How old is Axel Blaze in Inazuma Eleven Go?


Will axel blaze appear in inazuma eleven go?

yes and he will be eval and joined the fifteen sector

How do you regain Axel Blaze in inazuma eleven 2 firestorm?

you regain him when you're facing epsilon advanced and after getting lachance

Why did coach hitomiko ask axel to leave the team in inazuma eleven?

To save axel and his sister Julia from life threatening risk by the aliea academy. If you want to know more about inazuma 11 try this site inazuma eleven wiki

How do you recruit the captain of prominence in inazuma eleven 2 fire?

he is interested in the flame boy (axel blaze) you must have him in your party and go to the light house in the city of okinawa and go to the roof there you find him and you must fight with him to get him but its difficult to defeat him i founded him but stil i dont defeated him (even get no goal)so if you now how to defeat him tell me please (sorry for bad english) by the way my email adress is

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