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She didn't mention Gregory Peck as anythiing but a good friend in her book, but as much of a fan as I am of her, I think she did--she was pretty active sexually and did not like to be alone while on set or anywhere, for that matter. I believe they did end up close friends, he and his wife took her dog when she died.

She developed a thing for matadors while in Spain and later decided to live there for about 5 years, until she moved to London until her death. She did admit an abusive affair with George C. Scott while they did a movie together. She said she beat her up badly one time in particlular, and that he was physically abusive when he drank which was often. I was surprised she put up with him at all. Hope that answers your questions, you should read her book.

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Q: Did Ava Gardner have an affair or dalliance with Gregory Peck and did she have a thing for matadors I think that's why she lived in Spain for awhile also how long was she with George C. Scott?
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