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No, they both fell for each other after Ally introduced herself to the audience at her mom's book signing. Austin did lean in, but so did Ally. Like I said, they both lent in to kiss each other.

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It was a real kiss!

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Q: Did Austin kiss Ally on the cheek?
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Did the new Austin and ally come out when ally kiss austin?


Will Austin and ally kiss in Austin and ally?

Yes! They kiss in the episode "Chapters & Choices" But kira comes in and agrees to be austin's girlfriend. People have been saying they will kiss in the next episode and might date.

Are they going to make an Austin and Ally episode were Austin and Ally kiss?

I think that they would kiss because in the preview of the next episode after "Campers & Complications" why would Ally run away from Austin during a performance!!! Sooooooooooooooooooo That's why I think they will kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was thst episode called when Austin and Ally kiss?

The episode in which Austin and Ally both kiss one another is titled "Chapters & Choices."

Are Austin and ally going to kiss in chapters and choices?


Did Austin and ally kiss?

Theyre going to. They like eachother.

What is fresh starts and farewells of Austin and ally about?

Austin is going on tour.Ally gets offerd for a record deal but it will effect ally of being austin songwriter. There is going to be a auslly kiss and I'm pretty sure it is unblocked this time

Does Austin from Austin and ally like ally?


Who is the star of Austin and ally?


Does Austin and ally kiss ATFER the tour?

No.They kiss at the end of season 3 in episode Proms and Promisses or Last dances and Last chances.

Does ally from Austin and ally have a crush on Austin?

No because Austin is supposed to be Gay

Does ally have a crush on Austin?

yes it proves it in girl friends and girlfreinds ally tells trish she has a crush on him and in season two campers an coplacaitions austin tells des he has a cruch on ally later in that episode they kiss fully on the lips i cant wait til it comes on!