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yes they did but he did not sleep with vanessa

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Q: Did Ashley and zac sleep together in 1 bed?
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How long did Ashley and Zac together?

I don't think Ashley and Zac are together. As far as I know Zac is dating Vanessa Hudgens.

Are Zac and Ashley together in secret?


Is it true that Ashley dumped zak?

Ashley and Zac were never together. Zac has always been with Vanessa but they're no longer together now.

Is Ashley tisdaleand Zac Efron together?

no! Ashley tisdale is with Jared murillo

Zac and Ashley together?

Yes they are going out they admmited it in a interview how cool is that zac dumped vannessa

Is Zac going go with Ashley?

they look cute together!

Are Ashley tissdaile and zac Efron moving in together?

i think=d+?

Why is Zac Efron dating Vanessa Hudgens besides Ashley Tisdale?

they did a movie together and Zac wants to have babies with her

Did Zac Efron dump Ashley Tisdale?

No! They´ve never even been together! Ashley had to kiss Zac in Suite Life, but just for the role! And Ash thought it was disgusting.

Has Zac Efron ever slept with Ashley Tisdale?

Yes Zac Efron slept with Ashley and did something you cant really tell cause its personal

Did Zac Efron brack up with venassa h?

This is Dylin Efron Zac's bro and no there are still together and stop asking about them people and zac said Ashley is a witch

Is Zac Efron in love with Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens?

zac is in love with vanessa.yes zac did go out with Ashley tisdale for a while 2 years ago. but now zac and Ashley are close friends.