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The black soul anthem Say It Loud you are Black and you are Proud was written by which of the following artists

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Q: Did Aretha Franklin ever record for Motown?
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Did aretha Franklin ever record you will survive?

yeah she did you bunch of retards:0

Was Aretha Franklin ever married?

Aretha Frankin was married to Willie Wilkerson Jr

What album is aretha Franklin's recording of rescue me on?

If you find an album with Aretha Franklin singing "Rescue Me" on it, it is some kind of unauthorized compilation, because contrary to much popular belief, ARETHA FRANKLIN DID NOT EVER RECORD A VERSION OF "RESCUE ME!!!" My girlfriend and I argued for hours over this - she has some bullsh*t Aretha Franklin "compilation" with her doing Rescue Me. I happened to be around in the 60's when Fontella Bass had her only big hit - Rescue Me. The version on my girl's iPod is Fontella Bass' - there is no version of Aretha Franklin doing Rescue Me.

Did the Beatles ever record Bridge over troubled waters?

No, it was originally recorded by Simon & Garfunkel. Notable covers were done by Aretha Franklin, Elvis and Nana Mouskouri.

Did rosalind elsie Franklin ever have children?

No she didn't get married or have children. The children named are actually Aretha Franklin's.

Did the pretty things ever record on Motown label?

They didn't "record" on a Motown label as such, but some of their UK recordings were licensed for release in the USA by the Motown group's new "white rock" label, Rare Earth Records, in 1969.

Did the beatles ever record a song at the Motown studio?

One rumor was that the Beatles wanted to record an album with Motown's hit songwriting and producing team, Holland-Dozier-Holland around 1965-1966. The other rumor was the Beatles wanted to record an album at Hitsville (Motown's recording studio) in Detroit with the Funk Brothers (Motown's in-house band). As for actually recording at Motown, the answer is no.

Who is the first African American women and also the first woman ever to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame?

Aretha Franklin

Did Benjamin Franklin have facial hair?

No portrait of him ever shows facial hair, and there is no record that he ever had any.

Was aretha fanklin ever on sesame street?


Who sang the song ever changing times?

Siedah Garrett sings the song from the movie BABY BOOM. Also, the song is covered as a duet by Aretha Franklin and Michael McDonald.

Was Lionel Richie ever on Motown records?


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