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Yes. Errol had two daughters with Nora Eddington, Deirdre and Rory.

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Q: Deidre flynn daughter of errol flynn where is she now also daughter of nora eddington?
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Who are Sean Flynn's grandparents?

Nora Eddington and Errol Flynn

DID ERROL Flynn have children?

Here's the list: Sean Flynn by Lili Damita Flynn Deirdre and Rory Flynn (girls) by Nora Eddington Flynn Arnella Flynn by Patrice Wymore Flynn and according to one author, James Flynn, by a Warner Brothers secretary.

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What is Errol Flynn's birthday?

Errol Flynn was born on June 20, 1909.

What is errol flynn's birthday?

Errol Flynn was born on June 20, 1909.

When was My Days With Errol Flynn created?

My Days With Errol Flynn was created in 1988.

Who is swashbuckling actor Errol?

Errol Flynn

Was Jeff Chandler or Errol Flynn the lead actor in Objective-Burma?

Errol Flynn

Was Errol Flynn his real name?

His real name was Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn

What actors and actresses appeared in Cruise of the Zaca - 1952?

The cast of Cruise of the Zaca - 1952 includes: Nora Eddington as herself Theodore Flynn as himself Errol Flynn as Himself - Narrator Howard Hill as himself Laura Hubbs as herself

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Errol Flynn, Lived in Mulholland Drive, Beverley Hills, California. USA.