Definition of a holdback

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A holdback can mean an object that is used to hold something back. It is also a term used in car sales for money that is paid by the car manufacturer to its dealers when they sell one of its cars.

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Q: Definition of a holdback
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"Holdback" jail inmates, are inmates that are being held back for state and federal prison systems, as well as other local correctional agencies. Almost all of the "holdback" jail inmates were being delayed due to overcrowding in adult prisons for felony offenders. This answer was provided by my "Corrections in America" an Introduction book, that I use in my Criminal justice class. Written by: ALLEN, LATESSA, PONDER, SIMONSEN

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What is the price of a new toyata Camry if you buy it from a car dealership?

For a new Toyota Camry, you can find one between an MSRP of $20,110 and a hybrid for aboout $28,200 depending on the kind of deal your dealer would be willing to give you. You should be looking at a holdback of about $400 to $585.

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