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40 N

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Q: D'Andre expends 120 W of power in moving a couch 15 meters in 5 seconds How much force does he exert?
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Jack can run at 75 meters in 10 seconds how fast is he moving?

Jack is moving at a speed of 7.5 meters per second.

Who was travelling faster than the other a person who covered 10 meters in 5 seconds or the one who took 10 seconds to cover 20 meters?

Someone traveling 10 meters in 5 seconds is moving at the same speed as the one going 20 meters in 10 seconds.

The cheetahs speed averages 70 meters per sec how far does it travel in 5 sec?

If it's moving at 70 meters per second, and it's moving for 5 seconds..Simple math. 70 x 5 = 350 meters in 5 seconds.

How fast would the man be moving if he travels from 10 meters to 0 meters in 5 seconds?

10 metres in 5 seconds or 2 metres per second.

D Andre expends 120 W of power in moving a couch 15 meters in 5 seconds how much force does he exert?

Power=120W=work/time=Force*distance/time. so' 120=F*15/5, or 120*5=F*15 , so, F=600/15=40N

How fast is an object moving if it travels 350 meters in 7 seconds?

The object is moving at the speed of 50 ms-1 .

A car accelerates from rest at 2 meters per second per second What is its speed 3 seconds after the car starts moving?

6 meters per second. Explanation: After 1 second = 2 meters per second. After 2 seconds = 4 meters per second. After 3 seconds = 6 meters per second.

What is the output voltage of a battery that expends 15J of energy moving 5C of charge?

3v... 1j=1v*1c

What is the kinetic energy of a car that has a mass of 2400 kg and is moving at twenty meters per seconds?

480 000 J

How do you calculate the velocity of a moving object?

The change in distance divided by change in time. So say it moved 10 meters in 5 seconds, it would be 2 meters per second.

What was the acceleration of that rock that after 4 seconds is moving at 40 meters per second?

If it started at rest, 4x40 is 160 metres per second

If a stone falls past a bird on a ledge moving at 4 meters per second how fast will the stone be moving just before it hits the ground below 9 seconds later?