Cosmo and wanda

Updated: 8/28/2023
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Cosmo's Family: Father: Papa Cosmo, disappeared when Cosmo turned him into a bee. Mother: Mama Cosma. Grandfather: Gonzo Cosmo, Papa Cosmo's dad. Wanda's Family: Father: Big Daddy Cadabra Mother: Mentioned but never seen. Sibling: Blonda Cadabra Grandmother: Nana Cadabra. Uncles: Carmine and Piermo Cadabra Cousin: Guido Cosmo and Wanda's Children: Baby Poof Cosmo

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They don't have a "new" family name. Although it's rarely mentioned on the show, Cosmo's last name is Cosma so that's still their family name.

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if your asking what programme their from, there from Faily Odd Parents

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Q: Cosmo and wanda
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Who are goofy parents?

I think they are to opposites of Cosmo and Wanda. Cosmo is smart and Wanda is dumb.

Where do Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly Odd Parents live?

Cosmo and Wanda live in the fishbowl to protect their identitys

What is cosmo and wanda's last name in the fairly odd parents?

Their full names are Wanda Venus Fairywinkle and Cosmo Cosma. Hope this helped.

Cosmo and Wanda are Timmy Turner's Fairly?

. . . OddParents .

Do Cosmo and Wanda get a divorce?

yes,on the fairly oddparents

Does timmy's turner parents know about cosmo and wanda?

== == yes

What is cosmo and wandas relationship?

If you are referring to cosmo and wanda from fairly odd parents, they are two fairies that are married to one another.

What is Cosmo and Wanda's child name?

In fairly odd parents Wanda and Cosmo have a baby named POOF! Because he said poof a lot. If your talking about something else, then i don't know what you re talking about!

Who plays Timmy's fairies in A Fairly Odd Movie?

Daran Norris as Cosmo Susan Blakeslee as Wanda Tara Strong as Poof Jason Alexander as Cosmo Cheryl Hines as Wanda Randy Jackson as Poof

Did timmy turner lost cosmo and wanda forever in fairy odd movie?


What is the name of the baby on Fairlyodd Parents?

The name of Cosmo and Wanda's baby is Poof.

Are Cosmo and Wanda real fairly oddparents?

In the television programme, yes. In real life, no.