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Christina Aguilera has been referred to as the voice of her generation she has a mezzo soprano vocal range extending from G below middle C to C# one octave above soprano. she has an incredibly powerful melisma and she is the master of using melisma. her total octave range is 4--- (C3-C7) her longest note held 26.6 seconds (highest note C7 G#6) (lowest note C3 D3)

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Q: Christina aguilara's voice is how many octaves?
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It has been said that Christina Aguilera has four octaves exactly. Other sources report that she has climbed out of that going even a little further such as four octaves and a half. She has a lower register. The belting register, the falsetto, and the whistle register. She hardly ever uses the whistle register notes as you can recall in some live performances or even recorded sessions. Some artist may have more octaves than Christina may have, but she has more power in the ones that she does have.

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her wonderful voice and music inspire many...

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There are many online websites that contain the lyrics to Christina Aguilera's song, The Voice Within. A few of these websites include A-Z Lyrics, YouTube, and Metro Lyrics.

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