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Chris was dating Kate Moss.

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Q: Chris griffin's girlfriend on family guy when he was an artist?
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Who was Chris griffins girlfriend he thought was a boy?

Sam - Samantha

How many kids do the Griffins have?

The Griffins have three kids: Chris, Meg, and Stewie

Who is chris griffins twin?

He doesnt have one.

Who loves Chris Brown?

Chris Brown's fans love him, his family, and girlfriend.

Who is chris griffins best friend?

He doesnt have any

What was the name of chris griffins pimple?

Doug was the name of Chris Griffin,s pimple.

What is chris brown's song damaged supposed to mean?

The song "Damaged" by hip-hop artist Chris Brown is about a man who cheats on his girlfriend. He tries to explain to her it wasn't serious and that he still loves the girlfriend.

Who is Lois griffon?

1. Lois is peter griffins wife and mother of meg,chris and stewie. she is one of the main characters in family guy2.its Lois griff i n

What episode of family guy does Stewie find a hustler magazine?

"Baby Not On Board". Stewie is left at home when the Griffins go traveling and he looks in Chris's room and finds the Hustler Magazine.

Is Chris Brown a solo artist?

Yes, Chris Brown is a solo artist.

When was Chris Martin - artist - born?

Chris Martin - artist - was born in 1954.

When was Chris Newman - artist - born?

Chris Newman - artist - was born in 1958.