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Simon told Ralph... "You'll get back where you came from." When Ralph questioned this remark Simon repeated twice more.. "I just think that you'll get back all right."

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Q: Chapter 7 Lord of the Flies what does Simon say to Ralph?
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Who does Ralph build huts with in lord of the flies?


In chapter three of Lord of the Flies how many huts are made?

In chapter three: Huts on the Beach Ralph and Simon are in the process of constructing the third shelter.

What jobs are Simon Ralph and jack doing Lord of the Flies?

Simon and Ralph are builder. Jack is a hunter.

What is Simon's function in chapter 6 of Lord of the Flies?

Well simon's function in chapter 6 is to introduce the lord of the flies which is the pig. To foreshadow his death

What are Ralph and Simon doing in the beginning of chapter 3 in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph and Simon were attempting to build a third shelter on the beach. Ralph was standing outside it placing branches and leaves onto it, while Simon was inside trying to arrange the branches.

In lord of the flies who is helping Ralph build the shelters?


Who does Piggy blame for what happened to Simon in the lord of the flies?


In lord of the flies who helps Ralph with the hut building?

Answer Simon

In chapter 6 of Lord of the Flies what happened to Simon?

He is beatin to death by Jacks tribe when Ralph amd piggy go to their feast and they get out of control and think Simon is the beast.

What happen in the beginning of chapter 10 in lord of the flies?

In the beginning of chapter 10, Piggy and Ralph meet on the beach and try to figure out if Simon's death was a murder or an accident.

What chapter does Simon meet the lord of the flies?

Simon meets the beast in chapter 8 on page 137.

What chapter is Ralph made chief in Lord of the flies?


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