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To quote directly from the book... "However Simon thought of the beast, there rose before his inward sight the picture of a human at once heroic and sick."

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Q: Chapter 6 of Lord of the Flies When Simon thought of the beast what picture came to his mind?
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What chapter does Simon meet the lord of the flies?

Simon meets the beast in chapter 8 on page 137.

Who dies in chapter 9 in lord of the flies?

Simon dies.

Where does Simon go at the end of chapter 3 of lord of the flies?

The jungle

Does Simon show deliberately in chapter 1-3 in Lord of the Flies?


What page does Simon help Ralph build shelters?

Simon helps Ralph build shelters in Chapter 3 of "Lord of the Flies."

Lord of the Flies in which chapter is Simon's place mentioned?

Simon is the Christ-figure in Lord of the Flies. He disappears to private clearings in the island to appreciate and commune with nature. Later in the novel, he goes alone to the top of the mountain to investigate the parachuter. After his death, his body is surrounded by a glowing halo of sea life and drifts away.

What happened to Simon In lord of the flies chapter 9?

I'm pretty sure that's the chapter where the boys mistake him for the "beastie" and they kill him.

Who became the pig after the hunt In lord of the flies in chapter 8?

Simon becomes the "pig" during the hunt in Chapter 8 of "Lord of the Flies." The boys, caught up in their frenzy, mistake Simon for the beast and unknowingly contribute to his tragic death in their violent hysteria.

What does this reveal about Simon's charter in chapter 3 In Lord if flies?

In Chapter 3 of "Lord of the Flies," Simon's character is shown to be quiet, introspective, and compassionate. He shows concern for the littluns and tries to alleviate their fears by telling them that they will be rescued. Simon's actions reveal his empathy and sensitivity towards others, setting him apart from the other boys on the island.

In chapter three of Lord of the Flies how many huts are made?

In chapter three: Huts on the Beach Ralph and Simon are in the process of constructing the third shelter.

Who all dies in chapter 9 of Lord of the Flies?

In Chapter 9 of "Lord of the Flies," Simon is killed by the other boys during a frenzied dance. It is a tragic moment where the boys mistake him for the beast due to their paranoia and fear.

What happens to Simon when he goes back into the woods in Lord of the Flies in chapter 8?

When Simon goes back into the woods in chapter 8 of Lord of the Flies, he encounters the "Lord of the Flies," which is a severed pig's head mounted on a stake. He has a hallucination where the head seems to be speaking to him, and in his delirious state, he realizes the evil within himself and the other boys.