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AAB form actually.

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Q: Carlo Gesualdo's song Moro lasso al mio duolo is the song strophic rondeau or through composed?
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Is the Nutcracker through composed?

No, it is mostly composed in strophic and modified strophic forms.

Is Franz Schubert's Elf king a through composed or strophic composition?

through composed

How is strophic lied different from through-composed?

Strophic lied has the same music for each stanza of text, while through-composed music varies throughout the piece to reflect the changing text. Strophic lied is more repetitive in nature, while through-composed offers more variation and development.

What are the the two basic forms of lieder?

The two basic forms of lieder are strophic form, where the same music is repeated for each verse, and through-composed form, where the music changes with each verse to reflect the text.

How is strophic lied different from through composed form?

Strophic form (also called "verse-repeating" or chorus form) is the term applied to songs in which all verses or stanzas of the text are sung to the same music.[1]The opposite of strophic form, with new music written for every stanza, is called through-composed

How is strophic lied different from through composed?

A strophic lied features the same music for each stanza of lyrics, while a through-composed lied has music that changes to reflect the changing emotions or themes in the text. This means that in a strophic lied, the music is repetitive, while in a through-composed lied, the music progresses continuously without repeating.

What musical form is Richard Wagner's die walkure in?

It's a through-composed song

When new music is writing for each stanzas of a song the form is known as?

Verses. When you write a song the lines are called verses not stanzas. Stanzas is a line in a poem.

What are good examples of strophic form?

An Example is Bahay Kubo.

A song structure that is composed from beginning to end without repetition of whole sections is called?


In which form is the Lied Erlking?

It's in through-composed form.

What is melodic direction in music?

Some melodies are structured like songs, (strophic form) where sections or blocks of music are repeated. Some are what is called through-composed. Through-composed melodies are difficult to write; they have no repetitive elements as do songs. There are many other ways to analyze melodies.