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no you can't

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Q: Can you use motion plus on Michael Jackson the experience?
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Who are the members in Michael Jackson's band?

If you are referring to his early band, the Jackson Five, Jackson 5, or later known at simply the Jacksons the members are compiled of his nine brothers and sisters. The Jackson Five were: Jermaine Tito Marlon Michael Jackie -Randy would take over Jermaine's place when J5 left Motown Records The Jacksons were all of the above (minus Jermaine) plus: Janet LaToya Rebbie

How much money did Michael Jackson have when he died?

Michael Jackson's Net WorthThere are so many different estimates out there, but it is being reported by CNBC that Michael Jackson could have been up to $500 million in debt.This will no doubt change in relationship to his estate, now that sales related to his music and associated items are soaring.$420 million in debt -- I mean, yes, he was the "King of Pop," but he had a spending problem.Latest Update on Michael Jackson's WorthATV Catalog share (50%) of songs worth an estimated $1 billion;Michael Jackson's Catalog of songs (100% share ) worth an estimated $1 billion;Michael Jackson brand rights, worth an estimated $3 billion.Total worth: $5 billion as of June 30, 2009.Also, once they publish Michael Jackson's last will, we will know much more about Michael's final net worth. His will is supposed to be filed to LA court in a few days.Although with all this he is the richest musician ever.

Did Michael Jackson ever listen to his own music?

no but he liked to watch his own concerts to see if he was perfect

Is Michael Jackson hiding or is he really dead?

Memorial, funeral, multiple autopsies with the results finally coming out, a police investigation, he's listed on the social security death index, Katherine granted custody of the kids plus receiving money for it/them, his doctor being charged with involuntary manslaughter and going to trial for his death.

How much is Michael Jackson 1984 bubble gum cards worth?

They're worth what owners ask for them and what others will pay. I just looked it up on eBay and the first series (there's a first and second) sealed pack is being sold for about $5 per pack plus shipping. BUT I bought 30 of them for $20 off of Craig's list so... they're worth what you can find them for ;)

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How many years was Michael Jackson's career?

If I'm not mistaken Michael's career lasted about 40 plus years.

Who sold more albums Stevie wonder or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson had 14 number one hits, Stevie Wonder has 10 pop number ones hits plus 20 R&B number one hits.

What was Michael Jackson's glove sold for?

The white glove that Michael Jackson wore when he premiered the moonwalk in 1983 was sold for $350,000, plus tax. This was surprising, because the pre-auction estimate was $40,000 to $60,000.

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Do you need motion plus controllers for the motion plus?

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How much does a Nintendo Wii cost at Gamestop?

For $129.99 you can get a Pre-OwnedNintendo Wii (White) w/ basic necessities and wii sports*For $144.97 you can get a Pre-Owned*Nintendo Wii Refurbished Armageddon Bundle (Nintendo Wii w/ basic necessities and Mortal Kombat and House of the Dead: Overkill)*For $169 you can get a brand new*Nintendo Wii (White or Black) Bundle which includes necessities, wii sports, wii sports resort, and wii motion plusFor $152.96 you can get a refurbishedNintendo Wii with basic necessities, Metroid Prime 3, Metroid Other M, and Star Wars Clone Wars: Light Saber Duel*For $189.97 you can get a brand new*Nintendo Wii Nyko Accessory Bundle (the $169 offer plus Nyko accessories)*For $209.97 you can get a Brand New*Nintendo Wii Michael Jackson Bundle (the $169 offer plus Michael Jackson the Experience game and Michael Jackson This Is It DVD)For $249.97 you can get a Brand NewNintendo Wii for Two Black Bundle (The $169 offer plus double the controllers and motion plus controllers)*Online only priceI really hope that this was able to help!

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yes because i have it it says ok if you have wii motion plus so you can't play without wii motion plus

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yeh it comes with the wii motion plus accessorie