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You can use baking paper instead of ironing sheet for various projects. This can be used for parchment purposes, dyeing and pigmentation purposes.

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Q: Can you use baking paper instead of ironing sheet?
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Can a cookie sheet be used instead of baking sheet?


Out of wax paper for pumpkin roll recipewhat can you use instead?

You could try parchment paper, a non-stick silicon mat, buttered baking sheet with a light coating of flour, or non-stick baking spray.

What is baking sheet?

A baking sheet is a sheet pan or a baking tray.

How do you remove glue from the paper backing on the new baking sheet?

Rub it with Goof Off .

Can butcher paper be used to line a baking sheet in a hot oven?

This might work, but only if paper is greased both sides. If you have run out of baking paper, greased greaseproof or brown paper would be better alternatives

Can you use glass for baking cookies?

While it is possible, it is much better and easier to use the regular metal cookie baking sheet instead.

How do you get candle wax out of cloths?

Lay the garment on an ironing board with a sheet of brown paper underneath, another sheet on top, then use a hot iron, this will melt the wax, the paper will absorb it, you may need to repeat, check the label first to see if the garment can be 'ironed'

What needs to be lined up when you bake cookies?

It depends on what kind of cookie you are baking..... sugar cookie chocolate chip cookie snickerdoodles holiday cookie If you tell what kind you are baking then someone can help you out

Do you need to put anything on baking sheet before cod?

You should lightly grease it or use parchment paper to line the pan.

What does it mean to line a baking sheet with aluminum foil?

You lay the foil over the baking sheet. You do this to protect your sheet and to make whatever you are baking easier to remove. If you have a non-stick coated sheet it may not be needed.

What is the purpose of baking sheet?

Baking soda reacts with any acid in the other ingredients to make cookies rise.

What are the uses of baking sheets?

You can bake cookies or other foods directly on the baking sheet, or use the baking sheet as a tray to catch any liquids that may boil over while baking.