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No, SPC cards cannot be used at Cineplex.

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Q: Can you use a spc card at cineplex?
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Does a cineplex gift card work in rainbow cinemas?

No. Rainbow Cinemas are not part of the Cineplex chain. Visit to find a theatre near you.

What are the advantages of having an SPC Card?

The advantages of having an SPC Card are discounted purchases of different products and services. One can buy products at discounted prices at over 100 participating retailers.

When was Cineplex Odeon founded?

Cineplex was founded in 1979 in Toronto, but Cineplex bought out Odeon Theatres in 1984 creating Cineplex Odeon. Following further acquisitions, it is now called Cineplex Entertainment LP.

What is the population of Cineplex Entertainment?

The population of Cineplex Entertainment is 10,000.

When was Major Cineplex created?

Major Cineplex was created in 1996.

When was Sterling Cineplex created?

Sterling Cineplex was created in 1969.

Does yorkdale have a cineplex?

If you are talking about the Yorkdale Shopping Mall, yes there is a Cineplex (Silvercity).

When was Cineplex Odeon Corporation created?

Cineplex Odeon Corporation was created in 1979.

When was Cineplex Odeon Films created?

Cineplex Odeon Films was created in 1978.

When was Loews Cineplex Entertainment created?

Loews Cineplex Entertainment was created in 1904.

What age can you use a spc card?

You can be an elementary school student, middle school, high school, or university student. you may be asked to show a school id tho as you get older

When is twilight coming to Bahrain cinemas?

twilight is showing in Seef Mall Cineplex 2 on December 19. It is also showing in Al Jazeera Cineplex and Saar Cineplex.