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Q: Can you plug a 250v into a 240v?
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Can you substitute 10A 250V plug with 6A 240v plug?


Is 250V a safe voltage for the 220-240v appliances in India?

Simple answer..NO.

Can I use a 10A 250V power cord on a tv with input 100-240V?


Can you plug a 15a 250v ac into a 30a 250v plug?

No, the amperage pin configurations are different between a 15 amp and a 30 amp plug.

Can a 30A 240V outlet be replaced by a 20A 240V one?

You can, but be advised that whatever you plug into the new outlet should not exceed 5000W capacity (20A x 250V = 5000W)or you could risk overheating the new outlet with serious results. To prevent this, you should make sure the circuit breaker is a 20A also.

Can you plug a 250v CPU into a 110v socket?

No, the plug and socket are incompatible, and even if you changed the plug, the unit would not operate on such alow voltage.

Can you put a ac 250v 10amp 3 pin au electrical power plug connector head white on to 10amp 240v appliance?

The short answer is yes. As long as the connector's ratings are equal or greater than the appliance. {i.e. 250volt, 10amp v.s. 240volt, 10amp}.

Will a 16A 250v plug work with a 13A 240 v travel adaptor?

Yes provided the adaptor, or the plug that is plugged in, has a 13A fuse.

Can you plug a 240V amplifier into a 220 volt outlet?


How do we know when to connect to 208v or 240v?

Its on the specifications of the device you will plug

Can a 7a 125v plug be replaced with a 10a 250v plug?

Yes because it is of a higher rating. But make sure your equipment can take the rating too.

Can you plug a 240V oven range into a European outlet?

You might be able to plug in a 240V American oven range into a European outlet depending on the type of plug. SomeÊAmerican high-powered appliancesÊhave 3 or 4 pins, which may require adapters to plug into European outlets.