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no,i don't think so.well not in the first version.

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Q: Can you play your friends on raze?
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Is raze 2 out?

raze 2 is out go play it now! :D

What online game should you play?

you should play raze

How do you play raze 2 on i pad?

who cares the game sucks

When is raze 2 coming out?

raze 2 is already out you play it on or raze 2 is really cool I've played it you can upgrade you're guns get abilities and wear equipment to make levels easier for you

How do you play online on raze?

You need to go on multiplayer or quick match!

What are the cheats for Raze?

there is no cheats for raze

What is the homonym of raze?

Raze - Raise

What is a sentence for raze?

We will raze the city to the ground.They are going to raze us to dust of we don't stop them.

What is a homonym for raze?

A homonym for "raze" is "raise."

How to use raze in a sentence?

The barbarians are going to raze your town!

What is the past tense of raze?

The past tense of raze is razed.

Is there going to be a raze 3?

yes there is going to be a raze 3