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Strangely enough, NO!!!! But, funnily enough, if there isn't any wind, it can really hurt someone!


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Q: Can you kill someone by spitting off a tall building?
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What will happen if you drop a penny off a building?

It depends how tall the building is, if it's a small building, it would probably just bruise the person, but if it where on a tall building, it would either kill the person, or knock the person out.. so don't do it!

Can you kill someone by throwing a rock off a tall building?

It depends on how big the rock is. If it was a small one, it probably wouldn't do much damage, but if it was a big one, it could seriously injure or kill a person. But people are probably discouraged from throwing things off the tops of tall buildings anyway.

What do you do if someone falls out of a tall building?

You should probabyly call 911 and then check on them 2 see if they can breathe/talk but do not move them because they may have a spinal cord injury and that may kill them.

Is tall an adjective?

Yes. Adjectives are describing words. In the sentence "That is a tall building," the word tall is describing the height of the building.

If an object is dropped from a tall building and hits the ground 3.0 sec later how tall is the building?

44 meters tall

How tall is a building?

15 feet tall

How many feet tall is a 22 story building?

Answer: 220 feet tall The average story in a multi-story building is 10 feet tall. A 22 story building would then be roughly 220 feet tall.

Why did it take so long for someone to make a building taller than the Empire State Building?

The Empire State Building is pretty tall, man, so obviously to build one taller would take longer than the Empire State Building took.

How tall is a empire stat building?

the building is very very tall sp: i got a high mark for this answer

How tall is a 35 story building?

How tall is a 35 story building in feet and meters?

How tall is the McKim building in Boston?

the building is 28 feet!

If you like someone do you tall him?

If you like someone tall them