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no because these are really really gay and no one likes it

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Q: Can you give Five examples of fine arts and practical arts?
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What is a college or academy to study music or fine arts?


What are the 4 different types of arts?

i don't knowplease answerto my homework "malooy kamu sakon"

What college did Kevin Chamberlin go to?

Kevin Chamberlin went to Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

What does literal arts means?

literal arts are literary arts, or written forms: poetry, novelization, screen writing, etcThough forms of written art would typically be referred to as literary arts and not literal arts which is an outdated slang reference.You may be confusing it with the more common phrase: liberal arts.Liberal arts are those subjects and skills which are considered essential for participation in an active civic life. The concept and definition of what those skills are has evolved throughout history and depending on which time period you are examining you will find different areas of study.In Ancient Greece, liberal arts included public debate, jury service, and military service. The stated goal of the training was to produce a virtuous, knowledgeable and articulate person.During medieval times liberal arts were extended to include basic arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy.In modern times a liberal arts education has many interpretations. The basic structure of childhood studies (elementary, middle and high school) is an evolved concept of the ancient worlds view of liberal arts. Childhood education includes a 'liberal' amount of varied studies aimed at giving students an understanding of reading, writing, arithmetic, basic sciences and history.The idea itself has become so universal that the term liberal arts is rarely even used in reference to modern childhood education and it is generally accepted that everyone should attend these minimum levels of training in schools as children. (compared to ancient times when schooling even at this level was often optional)The term liberal arts continues to be used at the university or college level to describe someone who is extending their education without a specific focus or specialty. Depending on the school, a modern liberal arts degree may include training in: literature, language, philosophy, history, mathematics, psychology, science, and more. Harvard university for example also requires: biology, social sciences, and humanities courses as part of their liberal arts degree.In general terms a liberal arts degree is any that are not related to a professional, vocational or technical curriculum.In practical terms at modern colleges, most students will eventually choose a major and specialize their degree to obtain a professional or technical certification (a degree 'in' a particular job or specific field of study). By contrast, liberal arts would be all of the courses which did not directly relate to their specialization.Thus a student with a liberal arts degree has no specialization and has completed all of the generic course work (math, reading, etc) at a particular level (associate, bachelor, masters, etc) without a specialized education in a particular area of study (law, medicine, fine art, engineering, etc)

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What 3 examples of fine arts and practical arts?

Fine art: sculpting, painting, drawing. Crafts: ceramics, weaving, woodwork. Of course crafts can have artistic value.

Give you 5 examples of fine arts?

Five examples of fine art are: 1.Painting 2.Drawing 3.Engraving 4.Sculpture 5.Video art

3 reason Why practical arts are essential than fine arts?

Fine arts are generally more highly regarded than practical arts because it is a very classic career to pursue i.e. orchestrists and opera singers. However, practical arts are thought of as a more useful line of work. For example, there isn't much call for classical flautists. Instead, if you became accomplished in the field of computers, you'd have better luck.

What is the main point of the musee des beaux arts?

To display examples of fine art.

What sort of degree is an MFA?

It is a master in fine arts degree.It is a master in fine arts degree.It is a master in fine arts degree.It is a master in fine arts degree.It is a master in fine arts degree.It is a master in fine arts degree.

Is fine arts literature?

Literature is considered to be one of the Fine Arts.

What does the BFA Degree mean?

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Bachelor of Fine ArtsBachelor of Fine Arts

When was Fine Arts Quartet created?

Fine Arts Quartet was created in 1946.

When was Hemphill Fine Arts created?

Hemphill Fine Arts was created in 1993.

When did Fine Arts Journal end?

Fine Arts Journal ended in 1919.

When was Fine Arts Journal created?

Fine Arts Journal was created in 1899.

When was Fine Arts Festival created?

Fine Arts Festival was created in 1982.