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no you can not he is not unlockable

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Q: Can you get Batista on WWE all-stars?
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Did Batista leave the WWE?

Yes, Batista left WWE.

Is Batista leaving WWE?

Yes, Batista left WWE.

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Where Batista is gone after leaving WWE?

Why batista left wwe intresting question answer is he left wwe and went to mma.

How did Rodrigo Batista die?

how did batista from wwe die

What happen to Batista in WWE?

He quit from the WWE.

What is dave batista?

Dave Batista is a former WWE Wrestler...

Who does mickie like in the hole intire WWE?

Batista Batista

What year did batista quit?

Batista quit wwe on the 6.7.10

Is Batista coming back to WWE?

No, Batista will not be returning to WWE anytime soon. He left WWE to start in MMA (Mixed martial arts).

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