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Q: Can wrights stain be used to ID heinz bodies?
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Wrights stain or other stains?

Wright's stain is a Romanowsky stain used in medical laboratories to differentiate blood cells for microscopy. Other stains used for blood cell differentiation include Giemsa stain, Leishman stain, and Hematoxylin and eosin stain. Each stain has specific applications and staining properties.

What is used instead of wrights coal tar fluid?

Olbas oil is used instead of wrights coal tar fluid.

What weapons were used in the blitz?

megan wrights big bombs

Which RBC cells can be seen on supravital stain?

Only reticulocytes and nucleated red blood cells can be visualized on supravital staining, as these cells retain RNA. Mature red blood cells do not contain RNA and therefore do not stain with supravital stains.

What histology stain should be used for brain tissue?

The most common histology stain used for brain tissue is hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining. This stain allows for visualization of the overall tissue architecture, cell morphology, and distinguishing between different cell types in the brain. Other stains like Nissl stain can be used to highlight neuronal cell bodies and their distribution in the brain.

What is a stain used to make chromosomes visable called?

which stain is used to colour chromosomes

What confirmatory test could be performed to identify the oval fat bodies?

A confirmatory test that could be performed to identify oval fat bodies is the Sudan III stain test, which is used to specifically detect lipid material such as fat. Sudan III stains fat droplets orange to red under a microscope, aiding in the identification of oval fat bodies in urine sediment.

What stain is used amyloplasts?

Iodine stain is commonly used to detect amyloplasts due to their ability to stain starch granules purple-black.

What stain is used to stain cheek cells?

methelyn blue

What is the gram stain of H5N1?

The Gram stain is used for bacteria and not for viruses.

What brand of tomato sauce is best used as a hair dye?

Heinz Definatly Heinz Get It Done Straight Away!

Carbolfuchsin can be used as a simple stain and as a negative stain as a simple stain the pH is?

Carbolfuchsin can be used as a simple stain by staining bacterial cells pink to differentiate them from the background. The pH of the carbolfuchsin stain is typically around 6.0, but may vary depending on the specific formulation of the stain.