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Q: Can plasticine stay hard forever
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How do you make plasticine hard?

You can't sir

How do you make plasticine go hard?

You can't sir

Do friend ships last forever?

no i am afraid they dont last forever, most of the time. it is hard to stay friends once your out of school.

Will a plasticine ball bounce?

No, plasticine is not elastic like rubber, so it will not bounce like a rubber ball. It will deform upon impact and stay flattened rather than bouncing back.

What is the Indian saying that Jacob tells Bella?

From what I found, it means "Stay with me Forever" in Quileute.

How do you make sure they stay with you forever?

there's no way to MAKE sure they stay with you forever, if you do stay together forever, then it was meant to be, but if not then it wasn't

How do you spell plasticine?

Plasticine, a brand of modelling clay.

Can dogs stay alive forever?

Nothing can stay alive forever,so,no.

When was Stay Forever created?

Stay Forever was created on 1995-01-30.

Are volcanoes permanent?

yes, they stay where they are forever. That doesn't mean that they stay active forever.

What is plasticine made of?

The main ingredients of Plasticine are petroleum jelly, calcium salts, and aliphatic acids. Plasticine is used as a modeling clay.

What is the duration of Plasticine Crow?

The duration of Plasticine Crow is 480.0 seconds.