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no. i dont think so if your friends with them and actually know them then i guess you could...

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Q: Can people ask mindless behavior on a date?
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How can you get mindless behavior to visit you?

You can ask them

Are the people in mindless behavior virgins?

They are only 14 and 15. You would have to ask them personally.

How do you get Mindless Behavior to perform?

Ask them to perform

How do you get in Mindless Behavior?

u have to have the power and ask them

Can you ask Mindless Behavior out?

Only if you actually know them.

Does rayray off of mindless behavior kiss a girl on the 3rd date?

Idek..u have to ask him that if u have a formsrping & can find the official rayray on it..

How do you ask prinston from Mindless Behavior something?

Just call him

How can you be on mindless behavior singing group?

jst ask themm

When does Mindless Behavior go on tour?

When ever someone ask them to join

How do you get back stage with Mindless Behavior?

ask 4 a backstage pass

Can i be mindless behavior's and diggy simons girlfriend?

You really have to ask that question from them.

Were is mindless behaviors house?

ask yourself this do you know where mindless behavior house is?why would you think i'd know