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It is possible.

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Q: Can a man kill a wolf bare handed?
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How can a man kill a lion with his bare hands?

You don't. Lions are huge, immensely strong animals.Answer 2:A man could possibly kill a lion bare handed, but the lion would tear the man to pieces.

Can people kill a dog bare-handed?

Yes, it can be done.A strong man with good strength can kill a medium sized dog with bare arms, but not a large sized dog.

How many men would it take to kill a big dog bare handed?

In a fair fight, two. But there could be one small man with immense, great strength against a large dog. He might be able to kill the dog bare-handed, but would get injured on the process.

How many men would it take to kill a wolf bare handed?

A strong, healthy man of a good defense can kill a wolf with bare arms.Another AnswerTwo averaged sized men are actually enough to kill a single wolf unarmed if they both are very good at kung fu or sparring.

Can a man kill a tiger bare handed?

It would be impossible for a man to go toe to toe with a 500lb tiger and win. His only hope would be to surprise him from behind and get a stranglehold on the tiger's neck. Best chance would be to drown it!

Why are man and bears predators of a timber wolf?

Men have all sorts of weapons to kill them but bears are considered enemies of the timber wolf.

Can a man kill a gorilla bare handed?

Yes, if provoked enough that he feels he has to defend his family with his life. Gorillas, being social animals, rely on the dominant male gorilla for protection against threats from predators and humans. Gorillas are very powerful animals, with the strength of ten men, and that in itself is justification enough for a gorilla to kill a man.

Can a pistol kill a wolf?

Yes. A human is more than capable of killing a wolf if he's got the right tools with him. Most wolves are killed from a distance, like with a bow-and-arrow or a rifle.

How did the man become the wolf?

Man is not a wolf but man is able to become half wolf. I am an expert on a lot of things about wolves. There is a wolf legend about that. The legend has it that a man traveled into the Yukon Wolf Territory in Antarctica. The man walked into a cave and held up a torch. He looked around and saw an injured wolf pup in the corner of the cave. He looked at the wolf pup and then looked around again. He figured that if he let the wolf live it might hurt another human. He then killed the wolf pup, knowing it was defenseless. Then the mother wolf entered the cave and saw the man with a knife and the dead wolf pup on the ground. The mother wolf growled at the human and then howled. The father of the wolf pup entered the cave and began to howl in harmony with his mate. The sound was so beautiful that the human listened and did not harm the wolves. The two wolves stopped howling and glared at the human. The human walked towards the two wolves and held up the knife. The human walked towards the female wolf and jabbed at her with the knife. The female wolf then pounced at the human trying to kill him but missed. After that the male wolf was provoked. Then the male wolf lunged himself at the human. The male wolf pinned the human on the ground. The human jumped up and backed against the cane wall. The male wolf lunged at him again about to kill him. The male wolf bit the man on the neck. The bite did not kill the man it just wounded him. The wound contained venom in it that made the man turn into a half wolf. The half wolf is what humans call a werewolf...this is a very long legend

When was Hook-handed man created?

Hook-handed man was created in 1999.

When was Man Is Wolf to Man created?

Man Is Wolf to Man was created in 1998.

What is the duration of The Left-Handed Man?

The duration of The Left-Handed Man is 600.0 seconds.