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No they have to be half Japanese and other asian nation

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Q: Can a Half Thai and Half Lao person be a Korean Pop Star?
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Is Nichkhun Korean?

No, he is Thai and Chinese.

What is brenda song nationality?

She is not half phillipino. She is half hmong and half thai.

What ethnicity is brenda song?

Brenda Song is half Hmong and half Thai.

Does Nichkhun have any Korean blood?

No, he is Thai and Chinese.

How do you say half Thai in French?

Thai is "thaïlandais / thaïlandaise" in French. To be half Thai can be translated "à demi thaïlandais".

What is Nichkhun nationality?

Half-Thai, and Half-Chinese

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I;m from Thailand do i need visa to Korean??

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I think it is nine-pointed star.

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Hey i'm half thai so i know a lot about thai muang means mango or some colour i have forgotten the colour haven't spoken in thai for a long time :P

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A person may have a Thai flight attendant if they are taking a flight to or from Thailand. A person may also have a Thai flight attendant because that is who was employed to work on that given day.